The only way we can succeed is by making you successful!

Please, note, A2A has been rebranded and now called WebiNerds. Please, follow us on our Blog.

A2A Integration LLC is located in beautiful city Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. The company has been founded in the beginning of the 2011 by group of the highly experienced software engineers and solution architects. Our goal is to make it possible for businesses to integrate their systems without significant lost of time and money. Our philosophy is simple: we can solve your problem efficiently, qualitative and inexpensively. Chose any two. If it works for you — don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have a partner relations with PilotFish Technology. This company is  one of the industry leaders in developing a software solutions for system integration. In particular, it is well known for their PilotFish XCS Enterprise Integration Platform (XCS eiPlatform), which is an integration server that enables any system to be interfaced with any other system or systems regardless of platform, operating system, database, data format or communications protocol. And this is exactly why we called our company “Anything To Anything Integration“. For interfaces development we mainly use XCS Enterprise Integration Console (XCS eiConsole), which is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating interface configurations for XCS eiPlatform. Some of our employees have a lot of experience in dealing with PilotFish products, and thus we can be of help in any technical issues, related to XCS-series products.

Also, we offer support of the current XCS eiPlatform installations (see support section) and interfaces. Besides, we can train your employees to develop interfaces using PilotFish tools.

Why you might need us?

There are a lot of integration solution companies out there. What makes us better? We are not trying to invent a new wheel, instead, we use exiting time-proved instruments and the expertise of our employees to solve your problem.

The existence of the XCS eiConsole integrated development environment allows us to design and implement a reliable interface of any complexity in comparably short terms. Especially well we handle with mappings to and from the canonical XML models, such as OpenTravel, ACORD, HL7 etc.. See XCS Data Mapper to find out more.

If you wish to develop your interface yourself, we can train your employees to use XCS eiConsole integrated development environment and provide any necessary support to help you solve your problem. We can also offer full support on debugging and installing the interface even though it was implemented by your own.

If there’s no way PilotFish products can help you, or it is seems to be too expensive for your budget to buy XCS eiPlatform, we can develop a custom solution for you.

So, do you want to spend months on getting nowhere or you want to be sure that every penny of your budget is working for you? The choice is clear — just let us help you.

How it works?

This is normal and expectable when people treat young and ambitious companies with some level of misgiving. At least in the very beginning. We completely understand it and that’s why you don’t need to pay a single penny to see how your problem is going to be solved. We provide a prototype of the workable system that solves your objective for free. Also, we’ll provide and give you the results of the loading tests passed by this interface prototype. We demonstrate it to you and if you are satisfied with the way it works — you can order a complete interface and then install it on your servers. When you see your interface prototype, you will realize that it worth considering staying with us. All you need after that is to purchase and install your copy of the XCS eiPlatform and we’ll deploy your brand new interface to it. Using this approach you can eliminate your risks and be assured of success. Of course, we will provide any necessary assistance during the installation and further support for the solution.

And don’t hesitate to share your problem with us…