Desktop applications development

You have ideas how to automate process in your company and need assistance to implement it? You have a part of a project related to some special technologies and do not want increase your own team or want to reduce project cost and development time? You want to add additional features to already used in production project? We sure our specialists could help you with it.


  • Java: J2SE, Swing, SWT, AWT, JMS, JAX-RS, OGNL, Java Web Start, Axis 2, Apache Commons, Google Collections, Xalan, SAXON, Xerces, XML Beans, Ant, Maven.
  • .NET: WPF, WinForms, NUnit, NHibernate.
  • Persistance: Hibernate, JPA, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL (SQL Server), Oracle, HSQLDB MSMQ series, ActiveMQ.
  • NoSQL: Neo4J, MongoDB.

Actions speak louder than words. At Desktop Applications Portfolio page you can read some of the Desktop project highlights, proudly created  by our employees.