Optimize processes by empowering  your Lotus®

The separate department of the A2A is working on projects related to IBM® Lotus® software. Our certified professionals are capable of delivering scalable, innovative and security-rich solutions for Lotus® Domino® and Notes® of versions starting from legacy 3.x to brand new 8.5.x. No matter what kind of challenge you have — you should share it with us. Remember, we make a technical analysis and solution prototype implementation without any fees and obligations. So you pay only when you know that your problem will be solved.

In more details, our company may offer you the following services:

  • Interactive Domino application development
  • Customized applications development with Lotus Script@Formula, XSLT etc.
  • Implementation and customization of the Electronic Document Management (Docflow) systems
  • Import/Export of the Microsoft® Office® Documents to Lotus
  • Lotus® Domino® Clustering and Replication tuning
  • Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems — SAP, Sage, ProcessPro etc.
  • Integration with popular CRM systems — SugarCRM, SalesForce, Oracle OnDemand, SageCRM etc.
  • Integration with relational databases (RDBMS) — DB2, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL etc.
  • Web enabling of Lotus® Notes® client applications
  • Migration Services — Exchange to Notes®, Notes® to Exchange
  • Migration Services — Website to Portals, Portals to Community Marketplaces
  • SMS enabled workflow applications on Domino
  • Performance optimization
  • Enterprise-level Web Portals on Lotus® Domino server
  • Lotus® security policies tuning
  • Multi-application IBM® Lotus® Domino Reports

At Solutions Portfolio page you can read some of the Lotus project highlights, created  by our employees.