Enterprise Integration Software — XCS eiPlatform

The XCS eiPlatform enterprise integration solution is a complete Java framework that leverages application server technology, web services and industry XML standards to enable the deployment of internal and external system interfaces better, faster and less expensively than ever before possible. It orchestrates your integration processes. When combined with the graphical IDE component, the XCS eiConsole, the developer has the most comprehensive solution for enterprise integration.

XCS Enterprise Integration Platform (eiPlatform)

Specific benefits to be realized by implementing the XCS eiPlatform enterprise integration solution include:

  • By implementing a many-to-one and one-to-many (common model integration) method of managing interfaces you dramatically lower the total number of interfaces required between internal and external business applications
  • Rationalizing the myriad of data formats, communication protocols, programming languages and encryption methods used through transformation to a single common set of standards
  • Facilitating the management and propagation of information to support mission-critical applications, customer relationship management, business acquisition and Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Enabling the implementation of industry XML standards immediately, while still supporting the proprietary formats of internal and external applications and services

Technical Considerations and Support

All of the components that comprise the XCS eiPlatform framework are written in Java. This enterprise integration software is compatible with all of the popular Databases, Application Servers, Operating Systems and platforms, so it is certain to work within your IT infrastructure. All of the components are also easily configurable and extensible through open APIs.

With the XCS eiPlatform and XCS eiConsole (our complementary graphical IDE component) your staff can quickly assume responsibility for building, managing and maintaining all of your company’s interfaces. Ongoing support from A2A Integration and PilotFish Technology is always available, but is by no means a requirement.

You can purchase XCS eiPlatform either from A2A (we are value added reseller) or directly from PilotFish.