Implementing interfaces of any complexity

There’s a reason why we’ve called our company “Anything To Anything Integration”. Yes, your guess is correct — we can implement interface of any complexity between any kind of systems with data in any format you can think of. We are so sure about that because we mainly work with PilotFish XCS eiConsole to design the interfaces. And this product is really able to create interfaces to exchange data with any systems.

Below you can see the short list of the data sources that you can interface with:

  • Databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc.)
  • Local file system directories
  • Email servers (POP3, IMAP)
  • FTP servers, including secured SSH/SFTP servers and FTP over SSL (implicit end explicit)
  • HTTP servers. Support POST and GET requests.
  • SOAP Web Services
  • Document-style web services
  • Java Message Service (JMS) queues and topics
  • WebSphere MQ Series queues
  • MSMQ queues
  • Remote Method Invocation (RMI) servers
  • Sockets. Support any kind of socket interaction protocol.

To find out more about the types of systems the can be used as data sources, go to the Listeners page.

The list of the target systems that we can collaborate with is almost equal to the source systems list. To learn more about the XCS eiConsole components, responsible for connectivity to the target systems, go to the Transports page.

Probably, each real-life interface requires performing a lot transformations on the data that goes through the system. XCS eiConsole gives us a number of ways to perform such transformations. The most important pieces are the XSLT Transformation module and Flat File Transformation module. But besides them, there are number of Processor modules, that can perform a lot of other operations on data, such as:

  • Compressing/decompressing (ZIP, GZIP, TAR)
  • Encryption/Decryption (symmetric and asymmetric)
  • Encoding/Decoding (Base64, EBCDIC)
  • Authentication
  • Validation
  • Hashing
  • Conversion (Excel sheet to flat file, Java objects to XML and backwards etc)

You can read more about existing Processor types here.

Without any doubts, we can implement your interface, no matter how complex it is and no matter what data sources, data targets and data formats it suppose to use. Moreover, we are ready to create a prototype of your interface  absolutely for free. There’s no risk in this deal for you whatsoever. So stop loosing your time, money and nerves — contact us. It won’t be in vain.

A2A Integration is working on development of the custom extension modules for the XCS eiConsole. In particular, RESTful web services listener and transport, JSON transformer, SMPP transport, LDAP transport, JasperReports processor and so one. You can review the list of the existing and on-development modules on the Custom Modules page.

Sometimes it is better to ask the professionals

It is obvious that no one wants to spend weeks on trying to figure out which solution provider fits ones needs. Your budget size could vary, your technical requirements and limitation could vary considerably too. And there’s no common answer for all of these situations. You need to spend sometimes hundreds of hours on determining what to chose — hire a crowd of software engineers, give your problem away to offshore company, find a solution provider yourself etc.. The first two options rarely fit, because usually the result of such approaches is either absent or hardly supportable and inflexible. Though, sometimes it works for simple cases and allows to save some money. In the last case there’s a good change to just get lost and dive in the huge ocean of different integration solutions. Some of them are too universal and expensive, some are just bogus. And you’ll never know about what is what until spend significant part of your budget and try it. This choice is a matter of extremely significant effort. In particular because of that, pretty simple-to-implement projects become endless routine with an epic fail at the end. So, the only way to chose solution provider becomes just a feedback of your colleague/partner/friend. But be aware that you and your friend may have totally different problems that require different approaches. It could lead to tough situation when you realize that chosen solution was not really what you needed.

You can avoid all these problems by letting us help you to choose the best approach for your specific integration problem. Our professionals can address most vital needs and critical challenges using the best possible way that fits all of the requirements of your project. So don’t hesitate and give it a try.

Product Training

There are situations when your team’s knowledge in the business area is very important and it seems to be much more beneficial for you to let your guys create the complete interface or define the mappings than to explain to some unfamiliar people how to do that. But there’s one significant issue — you employees have no idea how to use the integration solution you chose. And this is the area where A2A Integration can be of help. Though, the main IDE we use for creating the interfaces (XCS eiConsole) is pretty simple to understand, it could require some trainings to reliably develop, manage and maintain interfaces with confidence.  Especially it covers non-technical employees (but these guys have an excellent excuse — they know their business area much better than any person from IT crowd).

So, if you’ve decided that in your particular situation it is better to train your employees to use XCS eiConsole — we may help you with this.

Training is provided using a combination of on-site and off-site support from A2A Integration. It could include classroom, hands-on and Webex-based delivery.

Off-Site Training

  • A2A Integration collects the requirements for an initial interface including the input / output formats from the customer.
  • A2A Integration builds the initial interface.
  • A2A Integration composes a tutorial documenting all of the steps taken to build the interface.

On-Site Training

  • A2A Integration consultants arrive on site at your company.
  • Working side-by-side with your IT personnel, we install the PilotFish software on your company’s systems.
  • Using the pre-developed interface as an example, A2A Integration provides a general overview on the use and operation of the PilotFish integration software.
  • The customer, using the prepared tutorial provided by A2A Integration, re-builds the interface. A2A Integration provides the necessary support to guide the customer through the development and deployment of the interface.

After on-site and off-site trainings we can provide follow up sessions conducted via Webex. Typically these sessions are 2 hours each and extend over a period of 4 weeks. Because Webex allows the participants to pass control of the desktop back and forth, it is an especially effective way to provide hands-on training. It allows the customer to reinforce their previous training, ask specific questions about how to handle particular aspects of an interface and in general, learn how to get the most benefit from the newly acquired tools.

For existing members of a project team that want to receive advanced training on certain components of the software, there is specific training available that can be supported at the customer site, via Webex or in a classroom environment. Some of the specific areas for which training is available include:

  • Installing and / or upgrading the XCS eiPlatform
  • Configuring Listeners and Transports
  • Configuring Processors
  • Using the File Specification Editor
  • Using the Data Mapper to create XSL transformations
  • Building and maintaining schema extensions
  • Building and maintaining XPath rules for routing
  • Using the open Application Program Interfaces (API’s)
  • Promoting interfaces to Development, Test and Production environments

The pricing for product training depends on varying factors and should be negotiated separately.

Off-site Technical support

Support is available via email and phone on a per-incident basis weekdays between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. GMT-2. The cost for a technical support should be negotiated and agreed in a separate agreement.

On-site Technical support

A2A provides expert on-site technical support to get you up and running faster. The cost of on-site technical support is $100.00 per hour plus reasonable travel and lodging expenses. Travel time is billed at $40.00 per hour not to exceed $400 in one day. The minimum on-site engagement is one 8 hour business day. Request on-site services:

NOTE: Terms and conditions of support, support features, and support availability subject to change without notice.