Interface implementation without limits

The XCS eiConsole provides an API to define custom module extensions. For any component type from the list below the custom module extension could be implemented:

The XCS Data Mapper also can be extended with custom format builder and custom commands.

A2A Integration has a necessary experience and development resources to implement any custom component from the list above. This means that if you have some sort of technical requirements that XCS eiConsole and XCS eiPlatform can not handle with their bundled components — we can implement this lacking piece of software.

A2A Integration Custom Modules

Our team is actively working on creating new, hi-end quality modules for XCS eiCosnole. Below you can see the table with the details about custom modules created by A2A Integration.

Name Type Version PIE Page Description Page License Type
RESTful Web Service listener Listener Version 0.1 Link Link Paid License
RESTful Web Service Transport Transport Version 0.1 Link Link Free License / Open Source
JSON Transformer Transformation Module Version 0.1 Link Link Free License / Open Source
Web Form Submission Transport Transport Implementation is in progress Link Paid License
SMPP Transport Transport Version 0.9 Link Link Paid License
JasperReports Processor Processor Version 1.0 Link Link Free License
LDAP Transport Transport Implementation is in progress Free License

Following this link you can review all of the custom modules for XCS eiConsole implemented by A2A Integration on the PilotFish Interface Exchange web portal.